Versatility Industrial Professional Tool Storage

5S Workplaces: When Safety and Lean Work Together

Many manufacturing and industrial facilities follow the “5S” methodology.  The 5S methodology is a simple and universal approach that works in companies all over the world.  It is essential to support other manufacturing improvements as just-in-time (JIT) production, total quality management (TQM) or six sigma initiatives.  5S is a huge contributor to making the workplace a safer place for employees.

The primary objective of 5S is to create a clean, safe and orderly environment.  The term refers to five steps – sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain.  They are considered the five pillars of a visual workplace.

Versatility's Products Compliments “Lean” and “5S” Initiatives

Versatility has combined innovative engineering and manufacturing experience to create the ultimate industrial tool storage cabinets, shelves, and carts. Versatility storage systems make it easy to sustain and standardize; keep items sorted and inventoried; and effortless to straighten and locate for simple retrieval while keeping them shiny, clean and protected.

Target Results and Benefits

  • Diminish non-value activity
  • Reduce mistakes from employees and suppliers
  • Cut Down employee orientation and training time
  • Reduce search time in locating tools, parts, and supplies
  • Consolidate parts stored in inventory, and associated inventory carrying costs
  • Lessens needless human motion and transporting materials
  • Improve floor space usage
  • Improve employee safety and morale
  • Improve product quality

Work Safer - NO TIP Design

Versatility’s patented 1-ata-Time™ drawer interlock system and wide wheel base carts provide the best in class safety by preventing cabinet and cart tip over. Ergonomically designed Change-Over Carts position heavy tools to allow safe lifting practices. Cabinets, carts and shelf units provide a safe and stable platform during machine set up and change-overs.

Increase Efficiency & Green Light Machine Time

Versatility’s patented designs reduce wasted motion during change-overs increasing your “Green Light” machine time. Organize and save valuable time. Versatility cabinets, shelves, and carts allow each item to be inventoried and assigned a unique identifiable location - waste less time searching. Save space. Increase organization. Get more out of your floor space.

Protect Tools- Built To Last

Safeguard expensive tooling with Versatility’s rugged cabinets and innovative designs. Our patented plastic liners protect tools during storage, transport, set-up, or change-overs.